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 Call to resite dam project.

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Call to resite dam project. Empty
PostSubject: Call to resite dam project.   Call to resite dam project. Icon_minitimeThu Oct 15, 2009 9:22 pm

Terkejut saya apabila terbaca headline Sabah Daily Express hari ini tentang perkara ini. Nampaknya sedikit demi sedikit daerah Penampang hendak ditenggelamkan dan sudah tentu mempunyai kesan kepada penduduk yang telah lama mendiami kawasan tersebut.

Quote :
Call to resite dam project

Published on: Thursday, October 15, 2009
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Call to resite dam project. Dam%20pindah2

Just when residents of Kampung Maang thought their problem is over
after the Sri Tanjung resettlement issue is settled, they are now faced
with yet another problem - the Kota Kinabalu Water Supply Phase III
project. Under the proposed project, a dam said to be 12km square in size and a
water treatment plant will be built, which are part of a master plan to
secure sufficient water supply (additional 1,200 million litres daily)
for Kota Kinabalu and its vicinity until 2050. However, based on a feasibility study conducted by WCT Sdn Bhd, the
proposed project would see at least 11 villages to be submerged,
displacing an estimated more than 1,000 people. The dam was proposed in Kaiduan, Papar, while the water treatment plant in Kampung Maang, which is about 8km away. Villagers from Kampung Maang and the surrounding areas, mostly in the
Moyog side of the district, including Kionop, Kalangaan, Longkogungan,
Terian, Babagon Laut, Buayan and Timpayasa, expressed fears Wednesday
that the project would affect their livelihood. The villagers claimed nobody approached them for their views on the matter. A representative from Kampung Maang, Linus Malitan, said they were not
objecting to the development programme but hoped the Government would
reconsider and find another site. "We just want the Government to reconsider the site. There is still
plenty of state land in the vicinity, probably along the Papar Old road
with lesser population. "We are not against development but the choice of site," he said. "We have been emotionally distressed because there is no peace of mind
starting with the Sri Tanjung, then the boundary (when some villages
were excised from Penampang and added to Putatan district) problem and
now this. "It is like there is no hope. About three quarters of Maang are gone," he lamented. Representative of the Action Committee from Papar, Nousi Giun, from
Kampung Terian, said they had submitted the protest on Sept 20. According to him, they had proposed that the Government consider
relocating the project to Mondolipau, also in Papar, where its impact
would not be as wide as if it is implemented in Kaiduan. Mondolipau is one of the tributaries of the Papar River. Furthermore, Nousi said several long-term projects had been carried out
by NGOs and government agencies to conserve the area up to Crocker
Range. "A lot of money has been spent and if it is submerged, it will be
lost," he said, adding the area is also where the Salt Trail is
located. Moyog Assemblyman Donald Mojuntin said the people who are potentially
affected must have a channel for them to express their fears. "On our part as elected representatives, Tan Sri Bernard Dompok
(Penampang MP) and I will bring it up. I would think it would be wise
for the Ministry to send a group of people to find out exactly the
social impact of this thing," he said. According to him, Maang is a growing village while Penampang is a district with limited land. "But bearing in mind they are not calling for the project to be stopped
but just to be relocated to somewhere else," he said, adding that based
on the map the proposed project is taking up clusters of houses and
even the old Papar Road. He said a lot of issues need to be addressed before the project could
be implemented, including relocation of the affected people. "I myself gave them rubber seeds to plant as part of the poverty
eradication programme but now they are going to flood it," said
Mojuntin. It was learnt that the Feasibility Study had been completed and
presented to the Government and Letter of Intent together with a Need
Statement were subsequently given to WCT on May 15 requesting it to
submit a detailed proposal for negotiation with the Government. Mojuntin said based on the map of the proposed treatment plant, a huge
chunk of Maang would be used encompassing kampung, ancestral and
private land. "It will cover areas where there are existing clusters of dwelling houses. To make matters worse, this proposal will affect a 20-acre Catholic
mission land. The majority of Catholic population in Penampang are
definitely disappointed as there is a plan to build a big church on
that mission land," he said. Mojuntin, who is an Assistant Finance Minister, said he was embarrassed as he was also in dark about the project. "Furthermore, in order for water to be channelled to the Maang Water
Treatment Plant from the proposed dam, we were told that pipes would be
laid through Kampung Timpangoh Laut and through densely populated
villages such as Sugud, Bokok-Kituau and Limbanak. "The residents in these villages are also worried," he said. Mojuntin said there seemed to be an oversight in the planning stage or
during the Feasibility Study of the Kaiduan Dam as there was definitely
no consultations with the relevant elected representatives, local
authorities and community leaders in the early stages. "The site seems to have been drawn up just by getting the topography of
the area and identifying the water source," he said, adding that for a
mega project said to cost around RM2.8 billion, social and communal
factors should be considered before it is deemed viable. Mojuntin said the villagers were just beginning to enjoy gradual
progress towards development like the RM500,000 road leading to Terian
and the installation of a RM450,000 micro-hydro project in Buayan (that
was already installed in Terian previously). "Imagine how they felt when they found out suddenly that their whole village might be submerged," he said. Furthermore, Mojuntin said apart from the Catholic Mission land, a
portion of the affected Maang area had been identified as a Settlement
for the Landless in Penampang and also identified for the Perumahan
Bantuan Rakyat as part of the Government's poverty eradication
programme. He said he had spoken to Dompok, who is also the Plantation and
Commodities Minister, on the matter and he agreed that there should
have been consultations with all the relevant parties prior to the
Feasibility Study. "We would have avoided unnecessary controversies and misunderstanding. Due to all the worries and feelings of apprehension, they are at least
two action groups going round to collect protest signatures," he said. At the same time, Mojuntin said he would also take up the matter and
discuss with the Infrastructure Development Minister Datuk Seri Joseph
Pairin Kitingan. "I hope it remains that way until all sides are heard. I believe the Government will take into account all relevant and
pertinent factors before a project of this magnitude is implemented,"
he said.

Apa pendapat anda tentang perkara ini?

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Call to resite dam project. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Call to resite dam project.   Call to resite dam project. Icon_minitimeTue Oct 20, 2009 7:34 am

I feel pity with the people affected by the said project. Can the government prevent this from happening?
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Call to resite dam project. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Call to resite dam project.   Call to resite dam project. Icon_minitimeTue Oct 20, 2009 7:35 am

Where is '1malaysia - Rakyat didahulukan pencapaian diutamakan' or is it merely a bullshit?
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Call to resite dam project. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Call to resite dam project.   Call to resite dam project. Icon_minitimeSun Oct 25, 2009 5:19 am

mamat53 wrote:
Where is '1malaysia - Rakyat didahulukan pencapaian diutamakan' or is it merely a bullshit?

Harap perkara ini diambil perhatian dan janganlah kampung yang terlibat ditenggelamkan dan penduduknya melarat dan tidak bertempat di negeri sendiri. Jika ini berlaku, sia-sia sahajalah konsep 1Malaysia, Rakyat didahulukan, Pencapaian diutamakan.

To know Sabah is to love Sabah
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Call to resite dam project. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Call to resite dam project.   Call to resite dam project. Icon_minitime

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Call to resite dam project.
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