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 Learn to script

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PostSubject: Learn to script   Sat Apr 11, 2009 2:53 am

Scripting: Your First Steps

By The Scripting Guys
Quote :
long time ago, even before any of the Scripting Guys were born, people
used to walk from one place to another. Not for exercise or recreation,
but because they had to get somewhere. Those who were fortunate enough
to have other forms of transportation could move along a little more
quickly on their horses, camels, elephants, or whatever the local pack
animal happened to be. (And to those of you still using any of the
preceding as your primary mode of transportation—we’ll be thinking of
you the next time we’re stuck in traffic.)Then this thing came
along known as the horseless carriage. Many people laughed. They said
things like “It’s just a fad,” “Why would I ever want one of those?”
and even “That looks too dangerous.” Then there were the very few
visionaries who said “Wow, cool, I want to try one of those.” These
last people were the ones who recognized not only how much fun a car
could be, but how it could someday save them hours, even days, of
travel time in getting from place to place. People today have
experienced some of the same reactions to scripting as those people had
to cars all those years ago. “Why would I want to script?”; “Scripting
is just for those fanatics who don’t want to run their systems like
everyone else does”; and even, “Scripts are dangerous.” But actually,
you don’t need to be visionary or adventurous to try scripting, you
just need to be the type of person who wants to save some time. (It’s
still only the fanatics who think it’s fun though.) Scripts can not
only make your work go faster, they can make your job easier. And once
you learn the basic rules of the road, they’re not all that difficult
to operate. (And there are very few traffic jams.)

What is script?
Quote :
1) In computer programming, a script is a program or sequence of instructions that is interpreted or carried out by another program rather than by the computer processor (as a compiled program is).
Some languages have been conceived expressly as script languages. Among the most popular are Perl, Rexx (on IBM mainframes), JavaScript, and Tcl/Tk.
In the context of the World Wide Web, Perl, VBScript, and similar
script languages are often written to handle forms input or other
services for a Web site and are processed on the Web server. A JavaScript script in a Web page runs "client-side" on the Web browser.
In general, script languages are easier and faster to code in than the more structured and compiled languages such as C and C++.
However, a script takes longer to run than a compiled program since
each instruction is being handled by another program first (requiring
additional instructions) rather than directly by the basic instruction
processor. 2) A script is sometimes used to mean a list of operating system
commands that are prestored in a file and performed sequentially by the
operating system's command interpreter whenever the list name is
entered as a single command.
3) Multimedia development programs use "script" to mean the
sequence of instructions that you enter to indicate how a multimedia
sequence of files will be presented (the sequence of images and sounds,
their timing, and the possible results of user interaction).,,sid39_gci212948,00.html

Read this before successfully posting:

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PostSubject: Re: Learn to script   Sat Apr 11, 2009 3:23 am

Inorder to learn scripting, we must understand what programming is:

Quote :
In computing, a program is a specific set of ordered
operations for a computer to perform. In the modern computer that John
von Neumann outlined in 1945, the program contains a one-at-a-time
sequence of instructions that the computer follows. Typically, the
program is put into a storage area accessible to the computer. The
computer gets one instruction and performs it and then gets the next
instruction. The storage area or memory can also contain the data that
the instruction operates on. ...,289498,sid92_gci212834,00.html?NextURL=http%3A//

Read this before successfully posting:
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PostSubject: Re: Learn to script   Mon Apr 13, 2009 1:44 pm

Cool man! Bagus...banyak ilmu yang dapat kita pelajari dalam thread ini.
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PostSubject: Re: Learn to script   

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Learn to script
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